Hey Boss Bellas! For today’s blog I want to share a great tip with you all-Journaling! I may be biased because I must have 10 or more journals laying around my home but I’m positive anyone can benefit from this powerful technique. Especially Boss Bellas! I’ve listed my top 5 reasons why you should start a journal in 2020.


Journaling allows you to keep your thoughts, emotions and plans organized. There are different types of journals. I categorize them from work, to diary and gratitude. I also have a songwriting journal that’s specific to my musical compositions. It’s really hard to dedicate one journal to all aspects of my life so I make sure to have all the necessary notebooks. This really helps me as I don’t confuse different topics and I can go to a specific journal to keep track of my progress. It goes without saying, when trying to accomplish tasks and goals, how important it is to track your progress.


Every Boss Babe needs to set goals. I love putting down my goals with pen and paper. It makes it concrete and allows me to take the time to really reflect. It helps me brainstorm and find clarity on what needs to get done. It’s so simple to jot down a list of goals and steps in order to achieve them. Again, this makes it super easy to keep track of your progress. It’s pretty straightforward as you can easily refer to a journal.


For myself, I’ve been using journals as of a young age. My mother used to leave poems laying around the house. I asker her why and she said it was a simple way to put down her feelings cause it’s not always easy to share what’s going on with others. It stayed with me and I’ve been doing it ever since. It’s kind of amazing because I can see how much I’ve change by reading older journals. You can discover what is taking priority in your life right now. I can look back at old memories, revisit old boyfriends and friendships. I get to remember past feelings, experiences and goals. But more than that, I get to express my emotions, my day to day, dealing with anxiety, my love life, family affairs, my career and of course happy times.


Brainstorming ideas, writing poems and doodling in a journal boosts your creativity. The more you do it, the easier it becomes to express ideas. You can try a few writing exercises like one page about non-fiction or planning your blog. You can explore a different side of yourself and use it as a tool to inspire ideas and improve your writing overall.


Journaling allows you to be in touch with yourself. Creativity and writing allows you to explore your mind, passion and goals. You can also keep a gratitude journal where each day you write something you are grateful for. This is a therapeutic and positive exercise. As I mentioned previously, you can really get to know yourself reading back the pages you’ve written.

From my personal experience, journaling is definitely a process that I urge all creatives to try. It offers even more benefits like boosting your memory, writing on the go as you feel inspired and improving your writing and organization skills. If you’ve never journaled, or you simply needed a nudge to go back to journaling, I hope you’ve found this to be helpful. Feel free to share your fave benefits and journaling experience in the comments below.