Nadia Dolce swimsuit bikini orange

HELLO OCTOBER! Who said swimsuits can only be worn during summer?! I’m always on the look out for a cute bikini and when I came across this brand, I instantly fell in love with their unique luxury style⏤QUA VINO. Known best for their poolside charm, their contemporary styles are sure to steal the show by the pool or at the beach. In this blog, I’ve featured some photos of myself wearing the swimsuit from different angles along with some of my favourite designs featured on the official Qua Vino website.

Nadia Dolce QUA VINO JUJU tangerine, orage swimsuit, hat photoshoot

K-pop idols and fashion influencers love their original take on swimwear. QUA VINO’s collections range from minimalist creative patterns to fun, colourful and elegant designs.  As soon I came across “JUJU Garden Tangerine”, I could see myself on a resort sipping on a fruity cocktail in the stunning orange one piece. From the volume sleeves, to perfectly stitched cuffs and a bow tied in the front, this quality suit is designed with lush high quality material. Thanks to Qua Vino, I got to live my orange fantasy!

Nadia Dolce orange swimsuit Quavino with cocktail - JuJu garden Tangerine
Photoshoot yellow heels hat sunflower

Another great design is from the Hello, Poolsiders Collection as seen in photo above. This versatile design can be styled 3 different ways with a gorgeous pop of blue. You can pair the 23 year old Hemoglobin top with a pocketed high waisted bottom for a modern retro vintage look. It can also be worn with their low rise unbalanced bottom to enhance and showcase your lovely hips. In addition, the same bustier like top can be combined with their trending high waisted skirt bottom for when you’re feeling flirty. Again, this is one of my faves because of its versatility and stunning colour!

Nadia Dolce wearing Quavino swimwear, orange one piece, yellow heels, hat, sunflowers, outdoor nature  photoshoot
Nadia Dolce in JUJU Garden Tangerine – Front View – Qua Vino
Nadia Dolce orange swimsuit quavino sunflower standing yellow heels hat nature green outdoor photoshoot Canada Montreal Italian
Nadia Dolce wearing JUJU Garden Tangerine – Side View – Qua Vino
Nadia Dolce cheeky back shot Juju tangerine garden swimsuit sunflower fashion hat swimwear orange nature photoshoot
Nadia Dolce JUJU Garden Tangerine – Cheeky Back View – Qua Vino
Saturday Today Desert Rose- Qua Vino

Jelly Candy + High waisted bottom with pockets

Flowing Oasis Grey + Purple

Nadia Dolce swimsuit orange tangerine quavino hat yellow heels woman
Nadia Dolce wearing JUJU Garden Tangerine Qua Vino

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Finally, if you support the #LifeinABikini movement like me 🙂 Feel free to share your favourite swimwear brands in the comments below so that I can check them out!