With only a few days left in October,  Breast Cancer Awareness month is coming to a close, but I wanted to make sure to post this blog in support of the cause.

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Did you know Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide? 

When it comes to cancer, we always think it won’t ever happen to us or our loved ones but Cancer does not discriminate against our mom, bff or auntie! Statistics show that Breast Cancer is still the most common cancer in women worldwide. Although rare, even a man’s breast cells and tissue can develop breast cancer

What is the #FeelYourBreast Movement?

Loungeunderwear recently sold out of 50,000 hot pink thongs in under 4 hours in support of breast cancer awareness month! Cute undies for a great cause, as 100% of all donations go straight to their partner charities Coppafeel and Trekstock. Last year, the #FemaleFamily raised a total of  € 23,676.15! With the growing sisterhood, this year’s donations are sure to set new heights and will be announced on November 1st.

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It’s safe to say that we, ✨along with our incredible Legends,✨ are getting (just a little bit) excited for Breast Cancer Awareness Month – TOMORROW! 💗 If you were here with us last year, you’ll know just how monumental and important our #FeelYourBreast campaign is to us here at Lounge. It’s about AWARENESS. 🌍🙋‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️ It’s about CONFIDENCE. 💪 It’s about quite literally, FEELING YOUR BREASTS! 🙌💗 Do you know how!? 👀 – Well, get ready to learn. Tomorrow, #FeelYourBreast begins… Re-introducing you to our beautiful Legends, introducing you to 3 new faces, raising donations for the amazing @trekstock and @coppafeelpeople, and educating you with all of our breast tips & boob checking facts! Swipe ⏩ to read what it’s all about… See you tomorrow! It’s going to be one amazing month ahead… #FeelYourBreast

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The #FeelYourBreast movement is encouraging women all over the world to raise awareness by posting cute photos with their pink thongs and guides. Women and influencers from all around the globe are coming together for this amazing initiative by Loungewear. However, all campaigns taking place during breast cancer awareness month set out with the same mission ⏤reminding us to take care of our girls (yup, I’m referring to our boobies) and continue to make a difference in cancer patients’ life.

Raising awareness

Non-profits like Coppafeel and Trekstock work to educate and spread awareness as the earlier the cancer is detected, the higher the survival rate. Giving female youth the tools and reminders to get checked regularly is a preventative measure that will help identify signs and symptoms of the illness.

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My personal experience

I’ve alway been a little uncomfortable when it comes to checking my breasts and I recently came across some unusual breast pain so I finally decided to get checked. I was a little nervous but I did my first ultrasound last week. The woman performing the test said it was a great thing to come check if I ever have any concern. She also said that we are lucky to have access to great healthcare in Canada and proceeded to say “Women care so much for their hair, nails and skin, why not their health?”. That really resonated with me as I feel we should prioritize our health as much as we do our appearance. Women must feel empowered to get checked regularly and build confidence to care for their health and well being, and I believe Loungeunderwear is doing just that! This flashy pink reminder finally got me to the clinic.

Download the free guide at the link below!


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Princess Buttercup & Nadia Dolce reminding you to #FeelYourBreast

Join the movement

Even if you didn’t get the chance to have your very own pink Loungeunderwear thong, don’t let it stop you from being a part of the #FeelYourBreast movement!

You can still help by donating here:


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Stay tuned for the donation results on November 1st!