Find your niche and target the right audience

Hello Beautiful!

If you’ve been trying to grow your brand but you feel like you’ve hit a wall, the reason may be that you are trying to cater to too wide an audience. Have you ever heard of the expression “You can’t please everyone!”? Well this is 100% true. It doesn’t only apply to Instagram, this goes for all social platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and more. Let me explain why…

Spreading yourself too thin doesn’t work

Unfortunately, you can’t connect with everyone and not every person will enjoy your brand and content mo matter how good you think it is⏤Sorry! In an ideal world, this would be the case but you have to come to terms with this reality to push out the best content to build your ideal followers. What is an idol follower? Someone who actually cares about your content. Your audience follows you because they want you to create relevant and relatable content. If you have a makeup page but you barely ever post beauty tutorials, that would be kinda strange! Again, going into a niche will help you build authority quickly in that industry and set you apart from other content creators. For example: my page @nadiadolce targets lifestyle: women who love fashion, beauty and living a positive empowered life. Therefore, as a women empowerment advocate, I set up a separate account @womenempowernetwork_ca for followers who are only interested in supporting and discovering female entrepreneurs and creatives. Chances are that people looking for healthy vegan meals or moms wanting to manage work and family life won’t necessarily be interested in either of these accounts. But that’s ok… Good news! Billions of people in the world are available for you to target correctly! Once you establish YOUR brand and niche, you will be able to attract the right tribe and grow consistently. Let’s jump right in!

Why should I choose a niche category?

Targeting everyone is a big mistake! Think of it this way, you’ve managed to gain 10,000 followers on your makeup account to realize you’re not getting much engagement because 90% are male followers who do not use makeup… In this case, having a large audience may help your numbers as in “follower count”, but it won’t help with making sales and creating engagement about your latest Sephora purchase. Hence, when we take a closer look at our analytics, we begin to understand who is interested in our content from their gender, age, country and interests and how to tweak it. This is when finding your niche comes in to play! You want to be creating your content with the right audience in mind! 

So, What is a niche?

A niche is a targeted segment of a larger market that caters to specific interests and needs within that market.

12 popular & profitable niches

1 –Health 2- Fitness & Weight Loss 3 – Dating & Relationships 4- Making Money Online 5 – Pets 6- Fashion 7- Beauty 8- Tech & Gadgets 9 – Lifestyle 10 Travel 11- Parenting 12- Self Development (in no particular order)

Here are a few examples narrowing down these large markets:  

Fashion blogger who specializes in high end fashion for millennial women.

Pet supplier that caters fashion specifically for small dogs

Chef that only cooks gluten free meals that are quick and easy family friendly recipes

Fitness instructor that teaches yoga workouts and poses for women over 40

Large Market→ Food Industry  →Niche Healthy eating → More specific for vegetarians

Large Market  → Entrepreneurs  →Niche Female → More specific mompreneurs 

Large Market → Travel →Niche for couples  →More specific affordable trips or → for younger couples

When we define our niche market, we can start creating content that our audience will connect with and enjoy on a deeper level.

Isn’t it a good thing to have a broader reach?

Not necessarily! In my case, being a public figure and multi-passionate entrepreneur, lifestyle category suits my brand needs. On that note, simply targeting such a large market can be hit and miss when posts do not cater to a specific set of people. Why? At this point in my life, I am not shopping on Rodeo drive for Louis Vuitton bags so most likely, my lifestyle content will not resonate with women who love luxury brands and expensive shopping. As content creators, it’s important to narrow down large markets to reach the right audience who will appreciate our posts and style. Not to worry, even lifestyle can easily be broken down into sub niches! Example: Luxury Lifestyle for single women. Now you’re getting it… Yup! All 12 Large market niches will be more effective in growing your brand when targeting more specifically. Narrowing it down will not only help you reach the right audience but gain a loyal and engaging following.  In fact, the more specific, the better!

How to find your niche

Lastly, It’s important to establish what kind of content your audience can expect to see on your page. If you’re not sure, you may want to reconsider your content creation strategy. I’ve got you! I’ve created FREE ‘Find Your Niche’ Worksheets to help  you figure it out 🙂

I hope this post helps you! Feel free to drop your niche and links in the comments below!