We are already 3 months into 2020! A lot can happen in 3 months and we are all aware of it due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These uncertain times took many of us by surprise and the viruses consequences are lasting much longer than we expected. Some of your businesses may be suffering due to closures and this may be a major loss of income for many individuals. The government has now cautioned us to stay home for safety measures. Some of you are bored in the house getting your TIKTOK on while others are enjoying their time at home. The fiercest boss babes are making the best of this change and focusing on their hustle. The point of all this is it can be a blessing and time of self-discovery. Time on your own and time to think can bring clarity to ones goals and mission in life. Myself, I’ve been exploring creative avenues, decluttering my space and mind, exercising more and simply relaxing. I’ve been writing more which makes me really happy and I’ve finally made the decision to pursue this blog. You can definitely use this time to be productive. Productivity doesn’t just happen. You have to plan in order to be productive. Having goals is simply not enough. We need to create a plan of action and put it to work which leads us to these 5 easy tips!


There’s nothing more real than putting it down with a pen on paper but a laptop will be just fine! Today is April 1st, take a moment to think about what YOU want to accomplish by the end of this month? Write down 5 things. (see example below)

I want to start :


writing a blog,

eating healthier

start a YouTube channel

pamper myself


Now look at your list and and rate them from most important to least important. Don’t take a lot of time when doing this. Go with your gut feeling. We need to prioritize our goals and realize what is truly important to get done first. Focussing on one thing at a time will increase the odds to make it happen. Now that you have the answers let’s focus on the most important one (Not to worry, you can move on to the next goal on your list once you get through your #1). Let’s say you chose eating healthier, now take a moment to think about how you plan on accomplishing this?


Write down 3 actions you will take to make this happen (see examples below)

1- My groceries will include more fruits and veggies

2- I will eliminate chocolate from my diet

3- I will make a meal plan


Getting specific using what, how and when will make it more likely for you to complete your task at hand.

1- WHAT will you include? I will purchase broccoli, apples, oranges and spinach.

2- HOW will you eliminate chocolate? I will no longer eat chocolate. When I have a craving, I will substitute it with an apple instead.

3- WHEN will you make a meal plan? I will make a weekly meal plan every Sunday so that I know exactly what I will be eating each day.


Keep on track by letting a friend, family member or colleague know your plan and goal. Have them check in on you weekly to make sure you’re doing what you need to accomplish your goal. You can also challenge this person to creating their own goal and you can hold each other accountable. This is a great way to be productive and help each other reach new heights!

I hope you found these 5 easy steps to be helpful! Let me know how they work for you or if you have any other productivity tips you’d like to share.