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Life can get hectic sometimes and we all need a little TLC to help us unwind and recharge our batteries! The good news is it doesn’t need to be complicated, it’s often so simple that we tend to forget to indulge in some relaxation. Here are 7 simple ways to relax and chill out.

Read a Book

Curl up on the couch and read something you’ve been wanting to get to for a while but just haven’t gotten around to it. Read something that makes you happy, a self-help book or even something educational. Whatever it is, read away from the noise in a peaceful area. Escape for a while… For an added bonus our yourself an herbal tea. You can check out some of my fave books here

Take a Scented Bubble Bath

Aromatherapy is so soothing! What better way to fully relax than to run a warm scented bath. I love using scented oils, bath bombs and even lighting a few candles for that extra spa feel. Breathing in the amazing smells instantly brightens my mood while giving me calming effect. I make sure to stay in there for a while and clear my thoughts.


I tend to be a scatterbrain and think way too much. It can become so overwhelming that I can’t keep up with my thoughts. Although I don’t meditate daily (I really should), when I do, it is really helpful to clear my mind and get rid of all the negative energy. Put on a calm meditative playlist and get in touch with your inner-self.

Credit: Elly Fairytale

Face Mask

Pamper yourself with the face mask of your choice. We all have different needs and wants for our skin type. Use something that will revive, refresh, moisturize, rejuvenate or give you that glowing dewy skin. Close your eyes and enjoy. You can do this solo, with your bestie or even your partner.

Bake a Cake

In my experience, baking has always been a positive experience! As of my teens, when I used to feel stressed, I would turn to baking cupcakes and cakes. I would focus the negative energy into aggressively whisking the batter. I associate baking with good memories, like the yummy smell that comes from the oven and even licking the leftover cake batter from the bowl. I know its not recommended but I still look forward to it when I’m done pouring out all the mixture into the baking pan. I just have too!

Watch a Funny Movie

Laughter can really heal the soul and lift someone’s spirits after a long week. Grab your favourite snack and put on a rom com or comedy special. Take off the edge with a couple of laughs and enjoy the benefits including stress and pain relief, immunity boosting, calorie burning and even mind stimulation! And you thought you could underestimate the power of funny!

Go For a Walk in Nature

Change up your walking routine and take the scenic route. Go to a beautiful park, a trail, a forest. Surround yourself with nature and observe the flowers, greenery and sky. Breathe in the fresh air outdoors. You will feel amazing after taking an energizing walk. It’s also good for your heart and has many other benefits as well!

In short, try some of these activities daily or weekly to relieve stress and improve your well being. I want to find out your favourite ways to relax in the comments below!