Hello bellas,

I wanted to share some simple tips to keep your health and fitness journey on track. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring or dreadful. There are so may ways to keep exercise fun and eating healthier delicious. Let’s get into it!

#1 Schedule Daily Exercise

Consistency is key! Without planning, it will be difficult to stick to a workout routine. Using your phone apps and calendars has never been easier with effective reminders. You can also plan your workout week activities on a Sunday and schedule it in your agenda. It can be as simple as a brisk walk, dancing or cleaning! I like to workout straight from my couch when watching TV. Sounds silly but it is easier when I’m distracted by my favourite shows. I make sure to stretch my body, do leg raises and bicycle motion during long watching periods. Ideally, you should plan 30 minutes to an hour of exercise a day. Creating a daily habit will make working out more enjoyable and bring in better results.

Plan your work & work your plan

#2 Designate a Workout Space

Choose a designated space to exercise. It doesn’t have to be big, just enough space to get you moving. You can workout from home in your living room. If your space is smaller, adapt your exercises and work with what you’ve got. Most importantly, do what works best for you and anything that will create the habit of going to your workout space. Declutter that space as much as you can to move freely and not make any excuses to skip your workout.

#3 Workout Gear

If you’re willing to invest in a mat, some weights and a cute water bottle, all of these things can help motivate you to workout more. You can also use DIY water bottles to replace your weights. If you don’t have a mat, find a way to be comfortable when doing floor work (sometimes, I lay down a blanket, carpet). Personally, I like buying cute workout gear like Fabletics. It makes me feel good and want to snap a few pics during my workout sessions. Make the best of whatever gear you have and get it girl!

#4 Stay Hydrated

Keep your cute water bottle in a visible place to encourage you to drink more often. Set a goal to drink 1 liter of water a day. If this is difficult for you, find ways to make drinking water more enjoyable by using flavours or putting real fruit inside for tastier sipping. Also, keep a log of in your journal, agenda or any dry-erase board you have at home.

#5 Eat Healthier

This is a given but you will feel so much better when you eat healthy and start adding more fresh foods to your diet. Some of you may want to follow specific diets (vegan, keto, low carb) and that’s totally up to you but whatever you do, find a balanced nutrition. Personally, I love eating big hearty salads, veggies and lots of protein to keep me full for long periods of time. I also snack a lot in between meals. I recently bought a super affordable one at the hardware store for under $30 and it was a great investment. Having a blender allows me to make some awesome nutritious fruit and protein shakes. Try new things to discover what works best for you and your body. There are apps that you can use to log your calorie intake like “MyFitnessPal” that work really well.

#6 Keeping track

I love keeping track of my progress by looking in the mirror and taking photos to assess my before and after. That way, I can see my body changing and stay motivated. I also love my Fitbit to count my steps(has so many other cool features). This allows me to see how active I am being during the day. I’m not one that weighs myself everyday but everyone is different. Some people like to count their calories, diet or weigh themselves regularly. We all have different approaches and needs. Do whatever works for you but stay on top of your progress to stay motivated.

7# Workout BFF

One of the best ways to stick to your workout lifestyle is finding someone to go along on this health journey with you. Find a friend or family member that also wants to improve their fitness and health habits. Having an accountability partner and someone to participate with you will be encouraging and keep you motivated. You can also join fitness facebook groups where all participants motivate each other to stay fit and share new workouts.

8# Meal Planning

Just like planning your workouts, you should plan your meals for the week. Make eating healthier easy by pre-chopping and washing veggies, juicing and planning your meals in a designated place. Make lists of healthy new recipes to tackle and shopping lists to include more healthy foods in your diet. I like to Google The Food Network to find some healthy recipes and save them.

9# Switch It Up

Change up your workouts for better results and to keep it more interesting. This will help work out different muscles and avoid overuse or injury. Exploring a new variety will keep you motivated and excited train. You shouldn’t feel like you’re on auto-pilot going through the motions. You can switch up daily or even every couple fo days.

#10 Reward Yourself

Some self-care is well-deserved after your hard word. Make sure to pamper yourself after reaching your fitness goals for for the week. Little rewards can be as simple as reading a magazine, a scented bubble bath or having your favourite dessert. Obviously, the plan is to keep things healthy but a little treat here and there is OK in moderation. Check out My Little Quarantine book for more self-care tips, rewards and activities. Get your free copy by subscribing to our mailing list!

Bonus Get Some Rest Girl

You should be getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night. We regenerate our cells and reenergize our body during sleep. Being fully rested encourages us to be productive and focus. We need energy to workout and be at our 100%. Turn off all devices in the bedroom. Light from our phones, laptop and TV stimulate our brains and keep us awake making it harder to get a good night’s rest. Make your bedroom a quiet area designated for beauty sleep.

I hope you enjoyed these simple tips! Feel free to share anything that you feel would be helpful to our readers in the comments below.