There is no force more Powerful than a Woman determined to Rise


Let's bring your dream online, together

Hey, I'm Nadia!

I’m an entrepreneur, writer and coach! Lover of all things beauty & lifestyle, female advocate, fur mom and coffee addict! So much more than a diva with big dreams and a positive outlook. But let me show you what I’m all about…

Shining a light on women.


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Digital Marketing & helping women feel confident is kinda my thing! ILove to see women thrive and pursue their dreams.

How can I help you?
  • Build Confidence
  • End Self-Doubt
  • Pursue Dreams
  • Kill it Online

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How can I help you?

Are you suffering from fear, self-doubt, and lack the support to help you pursue your dreams? That's where I come in.


How I can help you...

Checkout what I'm up to.

Let's bring your dream online, Together

From Content Creation, Influencer Training, Empowerment, I've got something for you!

I've spent countless hours creating courses with YOU in mind.

Are you ready to take the next leap?

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What is the Women Empowerment Network?

Are you looking for a space where you can be uplifted and have the support to pursue your dreams?

The Women Empowerment Network is the place you need to be.

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This was the best Yoga class.  Sweet roll cotton candy candy gingerbread I love.


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MOOD: Unapologetic

Never apologize for who you are or how big your ambitions are.
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